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To Manhattan Beach!


The Bünda workout is for everyone. There are no quick fixes here, just 50 minutes of resistance training coupled with steady-state training of the StairMaster. No matter your fitness level or experience, this workout will get you in the best shape of your life. Join Bünda Manhattan Beach before it opens to lock in your EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP RATE!

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A Foundation in Science

Studies have shown that frequent glute training burns more fat and stabilizes the back and knees. We base workouts on form and progressions, not intervals and intensity.

Bünda Workout Station

Our patented Bünda station facilitates traditional resistance training methods, backed by science and programmed by some of the most educated fitness experts in the field.

StairMaster Cardio

Bünda uses the StairMaster to incorporate a variety of step-based movements to minimize impact and injury while maximizing the aerobic benefit.

Not Your Average Class


Fitness should be fun so our group fitness classes are designed to keep your body moving to an amazing playlist. We carefully program each class to target different areas of your body through a combination traditional weight training, resistance bands, sliding boards, and the StairMaster. Our certified trainers take a personal training approach in each class by walking you through every step and every rep so you can crush your goals. We’ve created a workout that you can and should do every day!


The Results You Want


Whether you’re an athlete or just want to be healthier, the Bünda workout is designed to work for literally anyone. We’re backed by years of research so you can feel confident there are no gimmicks here. By focusing on the glutes you will change your entire body. For 50 minutes a day, we’ll teach you how to work smarter, not harder.


Bünda Manhattan Beach

1130 N Sepulveda Blvd
Manhattan Beach, California 90266